Dùn Cana

“We can’t solve problems with the same mind we had when we caused them” - Albert Einstein

We have been degenerating our planet, land and oceans arguably for the past 10,000 years. Degeneration means that over time we will produce less and less. In fact, historical evidence suggests that most human cultures have been living with degenerative expectations. For example, for us to produce our food we expect to degrade the land over time. Therefore reducing biodiversity, decimating the soil and contributing to global warming.

To sustain the level we are at now, to maintain this degraded state doesn’t really make sense. We need to regenerate and then we can be “sustainable”. We want to regenerate, to increase abundance. There is more carbon in the soil than there is in the atmosphere and biosphere combined and with healthy soil we can significantly impact how many billions of tons of carbon can be sequestered and put to good use in the ground. Respecting the earth in this way means to care for the organism as a whole, which of course we humans are part of.

Food can and should be a solution. When it comes to how we grow, harvest and produce food, we can practice methods that enhance our land, water and wildlife. Not to mention benefiting the nutritional value of our food, which has always been and must continue to be our medicine for vitality.

This is a story of amazing humans who’s regenerative practices are making life more abundant for all.

Dùn Cana Sherry Quarter Cask is a new release from the Inner Hebridean distillery. A bold expression of Raasay's mighty volcanic mountain, erupting with flavour and flare.

This announcement film was inspired by the ancient history of the island, the majesty of the landscape and of course chiefly by Dùn Cana itself - the ancient, huge volcanic plug that sits proudly as the highest point for miles around.

Every drop of water used by Raasay Distillery comes from their own well. This water has been on a journey through the venerable layers of volcanic rock that make up Dùn Cana. Fresh rainwater trickles down through igneous rocks, becoming exceptionally mineral-rich and thus providing a unique starting point for the magic to follow.

Brand Strategy: Mark Taylor
DOP: Charlie Wood
Editor: Zoé Desgraupes @flock_edit
Colour: Cam Sander
Sound Editor: Gerardo Pastor-Ruiz
Video Researcher: Hazel May
Concept, Creative Direction, Film Direction & Production: Gav Rodger, Gemma Butler - World HQ



Raasay Distillery


October 2023